520Ah Battery Bank 48V OPzS Lead Acid. 24 cells in series

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PV Energy Storage. 48V 520Ah. Hoppecke OPzS BatteriesBattery type: sun power V L - series OPzSIn this listing we offer a full battery bank with 24kWh total energy storage. The batteries are OPzS technology suitable for deep-cycle photovoltaic applications. There are 24 blocs that are connected in series to form 48V system. Stay charged longerThe life expectancy of our batteries is one of the longest in the global market. You can feed power to your off-grid solar system up to 20 years. That means over 3000 cycles with 50% depth of discharge (DOD). The usable charge at C10 is 18kWh. The most efficient lead acid batteryThe voltage per cell is 2V with efficiency 90-95% and operating temperature from -20 to +50 deg celcius, these batteries are really suitable for any climate around the world, you will be powered non-stop in Antarctica, Africa or in themediterranean zone. Comprehensive Off-Grid Energy StorageThe battery bank is placed on a single pallet that contains24 pieces of OPzS 520Ah, 2V per bloc100A DC fuses with disconnectorCopper busbars fully insulated for safe and quick installatio
Filled with de-inosized water and fully chargedBattery cables 2.5 meters, for connection to the solar chargerA hydrometer for measuring the state of charge of the battery cells, it measure the density of the electrolyteThe image of the actual battery:Download Sectio
OPzS Charge Capacity DatasheetFlooded Lead Acid_OPzS_commissioning_instructions_and_reportFlooded Lead Acid_OPzS_operating_instructionsFlooded Lead Acid_OPzS_commissioning_instructions_and_reportFlooded Lead Acid FLA Installation Commissioning and Operating Instructions... (Read more)
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