pBone Mini Blue Plastic Trombone

Seller : DJM Music

Introducing the pBone Mini pBone mini is a fully functioning plastic alto trombone pitched in Eb. This mini trombone is incredibly light and durable and its special mouthpiece makes it easy for the very young player to get a great sound and a quickly develop skills for crossing harmonics and developing a useful working range. It has a full seven positions and has been tuned to have a great first octave. pBone mini makes a fun cost effective introduction to the world of alto trombone for any player. As it will take any small shank mouthpiece it would make a fun addition to any jazz players instrument collection! The specially designed pBone mini mouthpiece has been created with young lips in mind and is smaller than any other modern trombone mouthpiece. Experienced players would probably find a larger mouthpiece more effective but those used to playing smaller brass instruments will be surprised at the ease with which they can play this little trombone with its dedicated mouthpiece. Specifications: Key: Eb ABS body and frame Available in Blue & Red Slide material: Glass fibre Brass stockings: Yes Bore: .485/.500inch dual bore Water key: Yes Bell: 7inch Mouthpiece: pBone mini specially designed Mouthpiece shank: Standard small Carry bag included Care and Maintenance: http://www.pbone.co.uk/pages/pbone-care-and-maintenance... (Read more)
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Category : Brass > Trombones
Manufacturer : pBone

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