Tiger Yellow UKE7 Soprano Ukulele Kit Beginners Pack

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Beginners Ukulele These great little beginners soprano ukulele's boast absolutely oustanding quality for the price beating off the competition by offering incredibly stable tuning comfortable playability with a thinline neck and a wonderfully wholesome mellow sound that instantly sings the sounds of Hawaii!Fitted with precise geared mechanism machine heads and strung accurately for the best results unlike friction tuned uke's and even other brands with geared machine heads these beginner ukulele's have good quality clear nylon strings as standard that are not too loose and keep their tuning far far better than most.The one-piece neck and fretboard matches the main colour of the instrument and is fitted with twelve gold frets.The neck is extremely comfortable to hold and feels easy to grip largely thanks to its thinline design that's just 11mm thick at the first fret and marginally thicker higher up the fretboard.For a low-cost affordable ukulele the sound is absolutely fantastic. We've tried and tested a whole bunch of different ukulele's over time and we finally came across these great little instruments that at last offer excellent value-for money.Whether for a four or forty years old these impressive beginner Soprano Ukulele's are an ideal starting point for anyone new to the instrument who's been captivated by the ukulele craze that's sweeping the nation! Colours include black blue pink purple red white and yellow. Please note Ukulele brand may vary due to availability Ukulele Tuner Tiger Chromatic Guitar Tuner. A highly accurate and easy to use tuner for guitar bass violin and ukulele. Clip-on tuners have exploded in popularity recently and one of the latest editions is this superb chromatic version. This tuner is one of the smallest on the market and weighs only 30g. It has 4 instrument settings allowing you to quickly and efficiently tune your guitar bass violin or ukulele as well as having a standard chromatic setting. Simply clip the tuner onto your instrument turn it on pluck the string you want to tune and the tuner senses the vibrations and gives you an accurate read out allowing you to tune in noises environments such as during the middle of a performance. Ukulele Strings Good Quality Mahalo Soprano Ukulele Strings are a superb low-cost choice to get the best out of your new instrument.Light to play yet strong & hard-wearing for extended life Mahalo Strings for Ukulele are a popular choice with players young & old. Felt Pick Ukulele Felt Pick Please note: Items are subject to change due to availability. ... (Read more)
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Manufacturer : Tiger

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