Samsung NV70K1340BS/EU dual fan single oven

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Samsung NV70K1340BS/EU dual fan single oven with 5 yrs warranty from appliance peopleTwo fans. Twice as quick & efficient.Dual Fans spin opposite ways to spread heat evenly throughout the oven, so all of your dishes are cooked at the same temperature and speed. It also reaches its target temperature faster and is more energy efficient.Easy cleaning with a catalytic systemA catalytic cleaning system makes it easy to keep the oven clean. The catalytic liner at the rear of the oven absorbs grease from splashes and drips during cooking and at high temperatures any residue will oxidize.Cooks much more & much larger dishesA massive 70 liter capacity gives you more flexibility. For family meals or parties, you can cook multiple dishes at once, like trays of cookies or casserole pots, or accommodate large items, like a holiday turkey.Remarkable energy efficiency saves moneyDesigned to provide exceptional A rated energy efficiency even though it still has a very large oven space. By making your home more energy efficient, it helps to reduce your electricity bills and saves you money.... (Read more)
Price : 379 GBP

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