DKN H2Oar Rowing Machine

Seller : DKN Fitness UK

Improve strength and cardiovascular endurance with the H2Oar rowing machine. Featuring real paddles in a 5.1L water tank creating a ‘water flywheel’, this sleek and robust machine mimics the natural dynamics of a boat moving in a large body of water. The rower is designed for safe and effective total-body workouts and offers adjustable water resistance that naturally raises and falls depending on how hard you pull. Paddle faster to increase the drag for more resistance or decrease the intensity of your workout by paddling slower. The H2Oar ensures smooth, quiet operation and a realistic on-water rowing sensation, and it is fitted with a clear, easy-to-read LCD screen providing live feedback on key workout statistics. For maximum support and comfort during the most intense rowing sessions, the H2Oar has an ergonomically designed seat, an easy-grip handle, and oversized non-slip footplates. To make your training sessions challenging, enjoyable and versatile, there is an integrated tablet... (Read more)
Price : 1799 GBP

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Category : Fitness Machines > Rowing Machines
Manufacturer : DKN

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