Origin Kitchen Three Nut Pesto Creamed Cashew 180g

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Three Nut Pesto Creamed Cashew - The Dip, Spread, Sauce that's Nuts about Flavourn
Spread on toast, stir into pasta or simply use as a dip, there is an endless number of ways to use Three Nut Pesto Creamed Cashew. Made from toasted hazelnuts and almonds, steamed courgettes, spring onions and fresh basil.n
Blended until ultra-smooth, Creamed Cashew combines fresh natural flavour with a light creamy texture to create a truly unique and delicious product.n
Vegan n
100% Recyclable/Reusable packagingn
No artificial preservatives or coloursn
No more than 350 calories a jarn
Servings: 2-3n
Shelf-life: 8 weeks (see back of label for exact use-by date)n
Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated, once open consume within 3 daysn
Additional great ways to use Three Nut Pesto Creamed Cashew:n
As a salad dressingn
As a pizza toppingn
In a burgern
In a sandwich or wrapn
With a jacket potaton
As a pastry fillingn
As an alternative to mayonnaisen
Topping for freshly cooked vegetables... (Read more)
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Category : Home & Garden > Food
Manufacturer : Origin Kitchen

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