Terra Vegane Organic Mac & Cheez Cheddar 200g

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Organic Vegan Cheddar Mac & Cheese mix by Terra Vegane. Sometimes you just want vegan comfort food and this easy to use meal kit is just that.nn n
Serve it as a main meal, as a side dish or perhaps as a cheeky midnight snack!n
Pack includes a dairy free 'cheddar' style cheese sauce mix and pasta.Just add 20g vegan butter alternative and 200ml of plant milk!n
How to use:Boil 1.5l water, add pasta and a pinch of salt, then cook until done (6-8 minutes) stirring occasionally. Drain pasta (Do not rinse!) then return to the pan. Add the cheese sauce mix, 20g vegan butter alternative and 200ml of non-dairy milk. Heat over a low heat stirring continuously for 1 - 2 minutes. Eat and enjoy!... (Read more)
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Category : Home & Garden > Food
Manufacturer : Terra Vegane

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