Prodigy Coconut Cahoots Chocolate Bar 45g

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Eat No Eviln
Our Coconut Cahoots bar delivers the exotic taste of that favourite classic combination of chocolate and coconut – and is Vegan, refined-sugar free, dairy-free and plastic-free.n
Carefully crafted to be crammed with coconut, lusciously indulgent, smooth and delicious. n
Prodigy bars feature all-natural ingredients including raw cacao butter and cacao nibs, unrefined coconut sugar and lucuma. nn only 6.3g of unrefined sugarnn 3.0g of fibrenn This is chocolate that changes everything.This is Chocolate Reborn…!nn... (Read more)
Price : 1.75 GBP

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Category : Home & Garden > Food
Manufacturer : Prodigy

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