Prodigy Orange Chocolate with Baobab Bar 35g

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Eat No Eviln
Prodigy Chunky Orange Chocolate bars are carefully crafted for an amazingly tasty, smooth and creamy chocolate hit as well as:n
Less than half the sugar of mainstream chocolate bars.n
Vegan certified. Dairy-free. Gluten-free. n
High in fibre.n
Wrapped in plastic-free, compostable packaging.nn n
Prodigy bars feature organic and raw ingredients including raw cacao nibs, unrefined coconut sugar and lucuma. n
Chunky Orange Chocolate includes African superfruit Baobab and delivers an extraordinarily smooth taste between ‘milk’ and ‘dark’ with 46% cacao solids. n
This is chocolate that changes everything. n
This is Chocolate Reborn…!nn... (Read more)
Price : 1.75 GBP

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Manufacturer : Prodigy

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