Fabulous Freefrom Factory Dairy Free Chocovered Raisins 75g

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At Fabulous Freefrom Factory we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a treat and live well. Over the past decade we have pioneered a range of delicious chocolate free from dairy, gluten and hydrogenated fats.n
Our Chocovered Raisins make a fantastic addition to your free from cupboard and are perfect for using in cooking, baking and snacking on at any time of the day.n
We select the plumpest, juiciest raisins and roll them in lavish, creamy vegan soya milk chocolate to accentuate the natural sweetness of the fruit. This blend of naughty and nice is sure to delight!... (Read more)
Price : 1.75 GBP

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Category : Home & Garden > Food
Manufacturer : Fabulous Freefrom Factory

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