Rebel Kitchen - Mylk Semi Skimmed 1L

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Rebel Kitchen Mylk tastes and looks just like dairy milk but is made from simple plant based ingredients. You get it. It's milk. Just not. Semi Skimmed Mylk is a great all-rounder. You can shop it just like dairy milk, so it's creamier than Skimmed but lighter than Whole Mylk. Splash it on cereal or in a smoothie.How do they make it so mylky? They use 6 simple ingredients to replicate the flavour of dairy milk. Simple.They keep it simple, nothing added. No emulsifiers or stabilisers - so some natural separation may occur.Bold Taste - fewer ingredients, nothing added.Big Ethics - always organic, responsibly sourced and producedNo Preaching - because life's complicated enough and it's time to take a standn
Organic, Dairy free, Plant based milk alternative, Gluten & soya free, Non GMO, No refined sugar, additives or preservatives, Suitable for vegansnn... (Read more)
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Manufacturer : Rebel Kitchen

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