Biomed Toothpaste - Charcoal 100g

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Triple whitening system and fresh breathn
Fluoride-free, vegan-friendlynn• 99%+ natural. 15 active natural ingredients. 3 types of charcoal.nn• Free from: chalk, fluoride, SLES, PEG, Parabens, synthetic flavours and colors.n
BIOMED CHARCOAL contains 3 types of charcoal and 15 active natural ingredients.n
It offers a triple whitening system along with a strong cleaning effect.n
3 types of charcoal (bamboo, activated charcoal and wood charcoal), effectively remove dental plaque and whiten the enamel.n
Calcium Hydroxyapatite strengthens and restores the enamel.n
Bromelain removes dental plaque, Zinc Citrate ensures fresh breath.n
Plantain Extract and Birch Leaves Extract protect from tooth decay and have a strong anti-inflammatory effect.n
Free from chalk which can damage the enamel.... (Read more)
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Manufacturer : Biomed

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