Rubies In The Rubble Chilli Onion Relish 210g

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You’re fighting food waste by buying this relish! n
Rainy weather in the UK can wreak havoc for farmers, a small rain shower whilst harvesting onions can leave their skins with tiny marks. Rejected by supermarkets, they’ll be left in the fields or thrown into landfill even though they taste just as good.n
Our fruit and veg have to pass a taste test, not a beauty contest. We don’t care if our ingredients are too big, too ripe or just plain pear-shaped. What matters to us is making the best relish around. 8 onions are saved in every jar.n
Some say it's load of rubbish. We take that as a condiment. n
Gluten-free. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.... (Read more)
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Category : Home & Garden > Food
Manufacturer : Rubies in the Rubble

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