Harmless Gluten Free Sliced Steak 250g 15% OFF

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The Plant-Based Sliced Steak is a delicious and innovative Plant-Based alternative to steak that looks, cooks and tastes like meat, just kinder.nn n
Harmless Foods is a new generation of plant meats that are easy to cook, filling and tasty, so everyone can enjoy more of the traditional dishes they love without compromising on texture and flavour, while helping the animals, our health & our planet – one meal at a time!n
It’s made with a unique blend of soy beans & spices, unlike anything else from the Plant Kingdom.n
What makes it very special:n
The texture: soft, juicy and tender. Like meat – just kinder.n
Nutritious: Unlike many plant-based meats, the HF Plant-Based Sliced Steak is Gluten Free, which makes it very light and easy to digest. It also contains over 15g of Plant Protein & 30g of Fibre per pack, making it a very light - but filling & nutritious meal.n
Fast & Easy to cookn
Convenient: This product is ambient and has a very long shelf life, which makes it super easy to ship & store.n
Perfect for vegans & non-vegans alike!n
Developed by the team behind Gree
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