Apple Watch Series 5 40mm Silver Aluminium Case White Sport Band (GPS + Cellular) - MWX12B/A

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*This is a 14 Day Customer Change of Mind Return - In Brand new condition - Retail Boxed With 12 Months Warranty Always-On Retina display. You no longer need to raise your wrist or touch the screen to see the time or other information on your watch face because the display never sleeps. So whether riding a bike cranking out some crunches or counting the minutes in a meeting all you need to do is glance to find the time or your workout metrics right there where you wantthem. A screen as remarkable as the day islong. To remain on all day with all-day battery life hardware and software have to work in harmony. The display dims when your wrist is down yet key features like watch hands remain visible at all times. Touching the face or raising your wrist brings everything back to full brilliance. Ultra-low-power LTPO display. Ultra-low-power LTPO display. The low temperature poly-silicon and oxide display features a reinvented pixel architecture that lets the screen refresh rate dip from 60Hz to a power-sipping 1Hz when the watch is inactive. A new low-power driver ultra-efficient power management and a new ambient light sensor work together so the display can stay always on with up to 18 hours of battery life. Compass and location features. A built-in magnetometer detects magnetic north then automatically adjusts to show true north so you’ll now know which way you’re facing in the Maps app. GPS works in conjunction with terrain data to tell you your current elevation – great for outdoorworkouts. ECG on your wrist. Anytime anywhere. With the ECG app Apple Watch Series 5 is capable of generating an ECG similar to a single?lead electrocardiogram. It’s a momentous achievement for a wearable device that can provide critical data for doctors and peace of mind for you. Your finger can tell you a lot about yourheart. Electrodes built into the Digital Crown and the back crystal work together with the ECG app to read your heart’s electrical signals. Simply touch the Digital Crown to generate an ECG waveform in just 30 seconds. The ECG app can indicate whether your heart rhythm shows signs of atrial fibrillation — a serious form of irregular heart rhythm — or sinus rhythm which means your heart is beating in a normalpattern. It has your heart inmind. Unusually high or low heart rates and irregular heart rhythms (known as arrhythmias) could be signs of a serious condition. But many people don’t recognise the symptoms so the underlying causes often go undiagnosed. With notifications in the Heart Rate app AppleWatch Series5 can check your heart and alert you to these irregularities — so you can take action and consult yourdoctor. Track your cycle with atap. The Cycle Tracking app gives you insight into your menstrual cycle and can help provide a clearer picture of your overall health. In addition to simply ensuring that you’re prepared you’ll have more information to help you track irregularities and symptoms and enrich discussions with yourdoctor. Safe from sound. Noise can rise to levels that may impact your hearing without your even realising it. The new Noise app senses when the roar of the crowd or the rumble of machinery reaches a level that may pose a risk. So you can step out or plug up to give your ears the break they need. Take a breather. Taking moments throughout the day to stop relax and practise mindfulness can help reduce stress and improve overall health. The Breathe app keeps you centred by leading you through a series of calming breaths. It’s also available as a watch face so you can bring focus to your day just by raising your wrist. Fall Detection. AppleWatch Series5 can detect that you’ve fallen. When an incident like this occurs a hard fall alert is delivered and you can easily initiate a call to emergency services or dismiss the alert. If you’re unresponsive after 60 seconds the emergency call will be placed automatically. Your emergency contacts will then be notified and sent yourlocation. Three rings. Onegoal. Understanding all the ways you move throughout the day is an essential part of living a healthy life. Apple Watch shows your daily movement as three simple metrics: Move Exercise and Stand. Together they make up the Activity rings that track your progress all day long. But Apple Watch doesn’t just show you how you’re doing it also keeps you going with motivation from personal coaching awards and Activity competitions. It’s everything you need to stay fired up to close your rings every day of the year.... (Read more)
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