Baked by Rosa Mixed Brownie Box 950g

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Craving a freshly baked sweet treat? Have a reason to celebrate? Just a general Chocolate lover? Baked by Rosa's Mixed Brownie Box is perfect for every occasion. This particular product is among some of our favourites, featuring 8 fudgy brownies, with 4 different flavoured toppings and a big old drizzle of sweetness. With the aim to create 'Cake Without Compromise', Baked by Rosa was born. 100% vegan, fresh and fulfilling. You wouldn't even know they're vegan! Flavours include: Biscoff, Bourbon, Hazelnut Wafer, Doisy & Damn Mini Egg.... (Read more)
Price : 15.99 GBP

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Category : Home & Garden > Food
Manufacturer : Baked by Rosa

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