Andros Caramel Dessert 2 x 120g

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Our dairy free caramel dessert is made using deliciously creamy almond milk and smooth caramel.All Andros products are vegan, do not contain any lactose and are made with no preservatives or artificial flavours. This deliciously creamy caramel dessert is the perfect end to any meal or as an afternoon pick me up!nn n
Why is it so delicious?n
This creamy dairy free caramel dessert is perfect for everyone looking for taste without compromise:n
100% Dairy Free*n
A good source of calciumn
Gluten free and lactose freen
Made with no preservatives or artificial flavoursn
Naturally low in fat (less than 3%)n
Lid and sleeve: widely recycledn
Pot: please check local recycling guidelinesnn*100% of the ingredients are plant-based... (Read more)
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Manufacturer : Andros

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