Freestanding Frame Including Work Surface Legs

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Pint365 is a truly versatile beer pump. With our detachable work surface legs, you can set up anywhere in less than 5 minutes, in the shed, on the picnic table, at a festival or simply at home on the kitchen table. These legs also combine with the free standing unit so you can use your Pint365 anywhere. They are simple to attach, just take a look at our Simple Assembly tab below, you will see how easy they are to use. Made in black to suit the sides of the Pint365 these legs are powder coated, made from strong industrial strength steel with rubber feet. We have designed these legs with safety in mind, they are sturdy, won't allow the pump to topple when pulled, although we can't say the same about the drinker after a pint or two! In the box: 2 Legs Fitting Instructions ... (Read more)
Price : 74.17 GBP

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