Swan Neck Tap for Clamp On Hand Pulls

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Swan Neck Tap for Clamp On Hand Pulls This Swan Neck Tap from Harry Mason Limited ?is suitable for all 'Clamp On'? Mason Beer Engines. It is made from Food Grade 316 Stainless Steel. The Swan Neck Tap is designed to agitate the beer whilst being dispensed into the glass. Agitating the beer when dispensed caused a reasonable amount of ?head? on top of the beer.?The threaded end of the Swan Neck Tap allows you to fit a sparkler that reaches the bottom of the glass. The beer is forced through the small holes on the sparkler and consequently hits the bottom of the glass causing the required amount of agitation. As an alternative there is the shorter Southern Spout. This spout doesn't reach the bottom of the glass and as a consequence agitates the beer less. ?It receives its name as traditionally people from the south of the United Kingdom prefer their beer to have less of a ?head?on their pint. A range of Tap Extensions and Sparklers are also available. The Swan Neck Tap is compatible with the Pullman, the Shakespeare and our newest Hand Pull the Aston. The Aston The Aston is a full size traditional hand pull. It has a 1/4 pint cylinder and ?comes with self-contained water jacket. This eliminates the possibility of cross contamination. ?The Aston Hand Pull comes fitted with a swan neck spout (we can also supply extended spouts if required) and a matt black acrylic front cover. ?The Aston cylinder also comes with an Energised Non Return Valve.? This prevents the beer from flowing back down the line. Finishes As with all our hand pulls the final specification is down to the customers own choice. ?We have over 20 different handles to choose from including white, black, cream and hunting scene.? We also stock a wooden ?truncheon? with brass or chrome rings.? As well as a wide choice of handles the Aston also has 10 different finishes to choose from including Antique Brass and Copper.... (Read more)
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