Adults Kilt Towel - Blue

A beautifully bright blue Saltire coloured kilt towel that looks surprisingly elegant on “, no really, it does! The blue kilt beach towel design is based on the red kilt beach towel design, rather than being based on any blue registered Tartans. We think the simple, colourful design works really well, and it™,s certainly proven popular. The blue instakilt makes a lovely gift for the man in your life and it™,s a great way to encourage beach holiday snaps, giving him the option of a cover up of any peely wally Scottish legs. 100% cotton. Size 60inches x 30inches. From Thistle Products Ltd... (Read more)
Price : 14.5 GBP

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Category : Home & Garden > Linen > Towels > Beach Towels
Manufacturer : Thistle Products Ltd

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