Bog in a Bag Portable Toilet

The 'Bog in a Bag' - Making inconvenience, Convenient! This is absolutely ideal for festival goers, campers and more. We would suggest that it's orientated for women, as men tend to, and probably will go anywhere... (I'm not speaking from experience - honestly...) A great gift for someone who you know is a regular festival goer! BoginaBag is the unique portable toilet that provides its owner with a solution to that age old question of needing to go and having nowhere to go! The BoginaBag Bags (available here) fits perfectly, and contain 'Magic Crystals' that soak up liquid, making it really easy to dispose of safely! As seen on Dragons' Den... (Read more)
Price : 16 GBP

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Category : Sporting Goods > Outdoor Recreation > Camping, Backpacking & Hiking > Portable Toilets
Manufacturer : BoginaBag

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