Nutty Putty 6 Colour Starter Set

Nutty Putty is unlike any other type of Putty. It is educational as well being versatile and fun. To keep your creation, simply pop it in the oven for 10 minutes and it transforms into a permanent object which you play with forever “, (or you can give it to your mum as a gift!). It™,s glossy, rubbery, non-messy, non- drying, bouncy, shiny, mixable, non-flaking, waterproof (once baked) AND theres even a glow in the dark! Details: The 6 Colour set includes A selection of 6 vibrant colours in self seal zipper packs 3 shape cutters 2 shaping tools Play mat Instructions and ideas Baking sheet. From Alphabet Pie... (Read more)
Price : 15 GBP

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Category : Arts & Entertainment > Hobbies & Creative Arts > Arts & Crafts > Art & Crafting Materials > Pottery & Sculpting Materials > Clay & Modelling Dough
Manufacturer : Nutty Putty

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