Nutty Putty Accessories Set

Nutty Putty is a unique silicone modelling clay. This glossy, rubbery, non-drying, bouncy putty can be fired in the oven and is even waterproof once baked! Want to add new parts to your creation? No problem! Simply add more putty and bake again. Details: The Accessory Set includes 4 x colours of Putty: red, sky blue, yellow, and pink-glow-in-the-dark 2 x modelling tools 2 x glow in the dark bracelets 1 x pair of earrings 1 x hair clip 1 x ring 1 x play mat 1 x baking sheet and project ideas. Nutty Putty is made of non-toxic silicone with an added anti bacterial agent. From Alphabet Pie... (Read more)
Price : 11 GBP

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Category : Arts & Entertainment > Hobbies & Creative Arts > Arts & Crafts > Art & Crafting Materials > Pottery & Sculpting Materials > Clay & Modelling Dough
Manufacturer : Nutty Putty

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