Paperblanks Mini Chrysalis Lined Journal

Emergence The Dance of Life Whether from featureless egg to finned glory, or limbless larvae to winged fancy, all beings must emerge and transform during their life cycle. The natural world thrums with dramas like the wee chick fighting her way out of her shell. The metaphysical realm is rife with instructive stories about the mighty struggles and small deaths that allow living things to grow and change. Chrysalis On the Paperblanks Chrysalis journal it presents the bird and insect worlds as envisioned by French Art Nouveau artist Maurice Pillard Verneuil (1869“,1942). The creatures featured on this cover are shown in clean, vibrant primary colours, beautifully showcasing Verneuil™,s ability to capture the wonder of transformation. Includes: Memento Pouch Ribbon Marker Attributes: 176 pages ¢, 95 x 140 Lined Closure: Elastic Band From Paperblanks... (Read more)
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