Stahly Clootie Dumpling - 425g

Clootie Dumpling: a truly traditional Scottish treat for all the family. The history of ˜,The Clootie Dumpling™, drifts back over many generations. Usually it was Granny or a favourite old Aunt who made the dumpling for a birthday or special family celebration.The ˜,Clootie Dumpling™, “, as Scottish as the Haggis Full of healthy, natural goodness of currants, raisins, flour and spices all carefully and lovingly mixed, wrapped in a ˜,clootie™, “, a muslin cloth “, then steamed for hours. The aroma was wonderful and a skin formed all round this delicacy keeping all the goodness in. This product is vacuum packed, does not require chilling and has a long shelf life. The Clootie Dumpling is a remarkably versatile treat and can be served hot or cold, as a sweet or savoury dish. As a sweet, serve hot with custard or cream. As a savoury dish, serve as part of a hearty traditional Scottish cooked breakfast. From Stahly Quality Foods Ltd... (Read more)
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Manufacturer : Stahly Quality Foods Ltd

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