Stahly Vegetarian Haggis - 410g

All of Stahly™,s haggis range is made in Scotland and canned ˜,whole™, within a synthetic skin. The haggis, therefore, presents itself as a traditional product with the convenience of a long shelf life, no need for refrigeration and it is easily transported.As Stahly™,s haggis has been consumed in all five continents, this is an important point for many travellers and haggis connoisseurs. Haggis is no longer a product only to be enjoyed once a year at a Burns Supper but is available all year round in many countries across the globe. Many people ask us how we produce a Vegetarian Haggis and we™,re happy to let them in on a little secret “, we only feed them on grass and heather! For the vegetarians amongst us who really want to know how their National Dish is adapted, our Vegetarian Haggis is a blend of oatmeal, mixed vegetables and spices. You need never feel left out again at a Burns Supper as our Vegetarian Haggis, in line with all of our haggis range, is in a synthetic skin inside the tin. It can, of course, also be used as a substitute for traditional haggis in any recipe. From Stahly Quality Foods Ltd... (Read more)
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Category : Food, Beverages & Tobacco > Food Items
Manufacturer : Stahly Quality Foods Ltd

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