Cardio Connect Heart Rate Monitor

Seller : DKN Fitness UK

Step up in the fitness game with the Cardio Connect heart rate monitor meant for active people and athletes leading life filled with passion and love for sports and fitness lifestyle. Boasting a phenomenal minimalistic look, the monitor provides you with feedback on calories burnt, distance travelled, steps taken, as well as the quality of your sleep to maintain proper balance between rest and sports activities. With movement app compatibility, you can analyse your performance to further improve your schedules and drill for more efficient and swifter results while going for that perfect silhouette and enhanced endurance. The device measures the heart rate in real times without the need of a chest strap or additional connection with smartphone app for an undisturbed workout in a gym or fitness centre. It’s has easy to understand interface and highly readable display, plus it’s compatible with Bluetooth Smart devices running on IOS7.0 or Android 4.3 or higher version. Smart Movement App... (Read more)
Price : 99 GBP

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Category : Accessories
Manufacturer : DKN

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